Free Computer Parts

This is taken largely verbatim from a note I'm maintaining on Facebook.

It's time to part ways with some of my unused computer stuff. Some old and likely useless, some newer but not shiny anymore. Before I try recycling, donating, etc. any of this stuff I wanted to see if anyone wants it. I will be adding more things to this list as I continue to clean and organize. If you want to know explicitly when I add things, let me know.

I have a few rules.
- I reserve the right to change my mind.
- Local Bay Area pickup Preferred.
- I hate shipping things. If I agree to do so, plan to wait 4-6 months for arrival.
- Only take something if you're really going to use it.
- While everything is free, should you feel the need to give money, I'll donate it somewhere. Most likely Kids Need To Read.
- Things will be available until claimed or when I figure out the recycling thing.
- Whatever the equivalent of 'caveat emptor' is for free things. Caveat Freebie?

Added 2010-07-05:
'Full' systems:
* 1x Dell Dimension. Celeron 2.4GHz. 1G RAM. 80G HD. DVD-RAM drive. 3.5" Floppy. NO OS. Very out of Warranty.
* 1x Dell PowerEdge 400SC. Pentium 4 2.26GHz. 1G RAM. 1x60G, 2x120G drives. 1xDVD-RW, 1xDVD drives. NO OS. Very out of Warranty.
* 1x Homebuilt AMD Athlon 64 3800+. 3G RAM, 2x300G drives. 3in2 drive cage. 1xCDROM drive. 8006-2LP 3ware raid card. NO OS. Not properly configured.
* 2x Sun Ultrasparc 2 Creator. One says 3D, the other does not. Unknown specs. 2 keyboards, 1 mouse, and 1 13w3 to DB15 video converter. UNTESTED

External storage and enclosures:
* 4x external USB2.0 PATA enclosures. Vantec NexStar 2. Maybe missing power cables.*
* 1x ione external usb -> PATA enclosure. Maybe missing power cables.*
- * If/when I find the power cables, they're yours.
* 1x SanDisk USB Smartmedia reader SDDR-09
With Drives:
* 1x external 4 drive USB -> PATA enclosure
- 2x 300GB PATA drives
- 2x 400GB PATA drives
* 1x 250GB LaCie Red External Lego Brick
Bare Drives:
* 9x 500GB SATA drives. In Warranty.
* 8x 300GB SATA drives. In Warranty.
* 4x 400GB SATA drives. In Warranty.
* 1x 8-port RocketRAID 1820A v1.2 HighPoint Technologies. UNTESTED.
* 1x External SCSI Centronics Mediastore 4x CD player. UNTESTED.

* 2x APC Back-UPS XS 900 - Possibly bad or just bad batteries.
* 1x 2GB DIMM kingston KHX8500AD2/2GR (Bad or Upgrade? UNTESTED)
* 1x Belkin 4-port KVM Switch. F1DJ104P-B with cables. (It's VGA not DVI)

* 1x Linksys 5-port 10/100 switch EZXS55Wv4
* 1x Linksys 8 port 10/100/100 Gigabit Switch. D2008
* 1x Linksys 8 port 10/100 Workgroup switch. EZXS88w
* 1x Etherfast 10/100 8-port Workgroup hub. EFAH08W. No Power Cables. UNTESTED.

* 1x fujifilm finepix 2400Zoom 3x optical 2.1 mega pixels
* 1x Creative WebCam Instant with mic. VF0040BP
* 1x unbranded black and orange webcam

If someone really wants it, I might be willing to part with my Series 1 TiVo.

Added 2010-07-06:
* 1x Linksys WRT54GL. Wireless router.
* 1x Linksys WAP54G v.2. Wireless Access Pount. Missing Power Cable?
* 1x Linksys WMP54G. Wireless PCI Adapter.
* 1x Linksys EG1032. 10/100/1000 PCI Network Adapter.
* 1x Linksys BEFCMU10 Cable Modem.
* 1x ZyXEL XtremeMIMO Wireless M-302. Wireless PCI Adapter.
* 1x Xircom REM56G-100 PCMCIA Ethernet 10/100+Modem 56K.
* 1x Airlink WLH3028 Wireless PCI Adapter.

* External:
- 1x White Vantec NexStarLX. USB2.0, 10/100 Ethernet. Includes 500G PATA drive. *
- 1x Black Vantec NexStarLX. USB2.0, 10/100 Ethernet. Includes 500G PATA drive. *
- * I only know where 1 power cable is.
* Misc:
- 3ware 9550SX-4LP RAID card. UNTESTED.

* 1x e-GeForce FX 5200 128MB PCI UNOPENED/UNTESTED.
* 1x ViewSonic P810 21" CRT Monitor.
* 1x 5.5" B/W TV with AM/FM Radio
* 1x Hauppauge WinTV tuner PCI card. NTSC 61001 Rev A
* 1x X800GTO PCI-E 256MB TV-OUT DVI Video card.

* 1x HP Pavilion zv5000 Laptop. Missing HD.
* 1x Belkin TuneCast FM Transmitter. F8V367

Future items will be listed here.

Home power monitoring

I finished building several tweet-a-watts power meters this weekend. I'm still working on the software to record the data, but here's a sample. I've turned off the y-axis units because I'm not 100% sure of my math. The relative differences should be correct. The x-axis is in UTC, so the numbers are 7 hours ahead.

Currently this is what each sensor is recording:
Sensor 1: The air conditioner.
Sensor 2: 2 linux computers.
Sensor 3: 1 windows computer
Sensor 4: 1 linux computer.
Sensor 5: Refrigerator.

I have one more sensor, but something is wrong with it and I haven't figured it out yet.

Office Moves.

When I started at Google, I sat in Building 43. Before that, my team had recently moved to that part of the building. About eight months later, my team moved to building 40. Which building isn't important, just that we moved. At the time my teammates told me to expect a move every 6 months or so. There are various reasons groups get moved around. Sometimes they outgrow their currently allocated space, or sometimes their neighbors do. Other times it's because it makes sense for two groups to sit near each other. Switching teams will also cause a move for just you.
Anyway, since that move in 2006, my desk has stayed put, including a shuffle of seats my team did a year ago. Just one or two months shy of 3 years, this has been my desk.

That picture was taken the day I got back from a two week trip and the woot fairy had left me gifts while I was gone. Something you can't see in that picture and I wish you could is the take-a-number dispenser I have to scare people away.
Tuesday, the era of that desk ended and I had to pack up everything for a move.

This time the move was not as far. In fact, I moved less than 100 ft from my old location. A group nearby wants more continuous space, so they're getting our space and we're moving to the window spaces. I don't know where this picture was taken, but it reflects what our area looks like. I was in one of the center cubes, now I'm in one of the offices in the back. (courtesy of an image search for google office pictures.)

This is the view from my new desk.

We got to pick which seat we wanted and coincidentally the people I'm sharing with are the same people I've been sharing a cube with for over a year. We even sit in the same places relative to each other and have our desks arranged in the same pattern as before. Tonight I counted, there are three of us who share this office and, not counting laptops, there are 6 computers and 9 monitors.

Fuel stats

Since I bought my Prius last February, I've been keeping all of my gas receipts and on each one I mark the mileage. I now have a bunch of stats that are likely only of interest to me.

Start time: 2009-02-09
End time: 2009-07-10
Duration: 516 days
Mile traveled: 18467
Fill ups: 43
Total gallons: 417.982
Total Money spent on gas: $1,364.82
Fuel cost per day: $2.65
Gallons per day: 0.81
Overall MPH: 1.49
Numerical Mean of weighted zipcodes of fill ups: 82881.954 (Northern Wyoming if it existed.)
Numerical Mean of unique zipcodes of fill ups: 76775.916 (West/Central Texas if it existed.)

Mean miles per day: 35
Mean miles between fill ups: 429.47
Max miles between fill ups: 550 [1]
Min miles between fill ups: 341 [2]

Mean days between fill ups: 12
Min days between fill ups: 5 hours [3]
Max days between fill ups: 46 days [4]

Mean per gallon paid: $3.27
Max per gallon paid: $4.559 [5]
Min per gallon paid: $1.799 [6]

Mean gallons per fill: 9.50
Max gallons per fill: 12.047 [7]
Min gallons per fill: 7.829 [8]

MPG, method one. (current mileage - previous mileage) / current gallons added
Mean miles per gallon: 44.25
Max miles per gallon: 49.52 [9]
Min miles per gallon: 38.43 [10]

MPG, method two. (current mileage - previous mileage) / previous gallons added
Mean miles per gallon: 44.48
Max miles per gallon: 53.9 [12]
Min miles per gallon: 34.4 [13]

MPG, method three. Total miles / total gallons.

[1] This was the segment of the PIT -> SJC drive from a truck stop in Tennessee to Mesquite, TX on 2008-08-04.
[2] This was 2009-02-16 through 2009-03-13. I don't remember anything specific during that time. It might have been when I realized my tires were under-inflated. I was also out of town during 2 weeks of this period.
[3] Part of the PIT -> SJC drive on 2008-08-05. This was also the only time I've ever run out of gas. It was just outside of Lordsburg, New Mexico. I coasted into the gas station. Based on some calculations I'm not going to post, this is also the fastest average speed.
[4] 2008-05-25 through 2008-07-11. I was in Pittsburgh at this time and my car was mostly parked. Those dates are also the only times I filled up during my stay in Pittsburgh.
[5] 2008-08-06 in Blythe, Ca. My first stop upon returning to California after spending the summer in Pittsburgh. Welcome home.
[6] 2008-12-05 in Campbell, Ca. This excludes the initial tank that came with the car which I record as $0.
[7] 2008-05-08. Part of the SJC -> PIT drive. Waynesville, MO -> Eaton, OH. I'm positive I over filled because the bladder in the tank spit gas back out at me.
[8] 2009-03-13. In Campbell. No good reason.
[9] 2008-05-06. Part of the SJC -> PIT drive. Flagstaff, Az -> Tucumcari, NM.
[10] 2008-05-08. Part of the SJC -> PIT drive. Waynesville, MO -> Eaton, OH [11]
[11] With the min and max so close together in days, I think there is something odd happening with the math, or maybe the Prius batteries were used a lot get the max, but I paid for it shortly after.
[12] 2009-03-13 through 2009-03-21. Might be right after I added air to my tires. See [2].
[13] 2008-08-06. Part of PIT -> SCJ. Blythe, Ca -> Lost Hill, Ca

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I think my video card is trying to hurt itself. The cooling fan has melted and bent out of shape. Note: The fan blades should be flush with the surrounding bits.

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I didn't arrive at the faire until late, so the only thing I really did was attend the surface mount soldering workshop that I signed up for.
I turned this:
From 2009-05-30 Maker Faire

Into this:

Step by Step photos can be found in the album.

I also saw gf2e who I've only seen once or twice since 1994 when we lived on the same dorm floor.